Kursk state medical university is situated in Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russia

The Kursk state medical university established in 1935 is a non-profit public higher education institution, which is seeded among the top 10 best Russian medical universities. In 1991, the faculty of the international students establishes, whereas in 1994 the university covered the entire MBBS course in the English language to lessen the language barrier of foreign students coming Russia to study MBBS. The efforts, dedication and focus on the world class level of education, knowledge of human health, medical science development and health care practice improvement help getting considered in the top 100 universities of Russia to study MBBS. The highly skilled faculty, higher extent of emphasis on the practical, research and recreational activities of the university are some of the primary reasons why students are enforced to study MBBS in Kursk state medical university. Currently, the university serving 5000+ students among 1200 is international with an aim to become one of the prestigious higher medical institutions in Russia.

Why Russia to study MBBS?

  • No need of Entrance Examination to study MBBS in Russia
  • Studying in Russia is easy, cheap and flexible
  • No donations required
  • Globally acknowledged MBBS Degree
  • Complete course in English Medium Available
  • Absolutely Easy Visa Application Process
  • Considered among one of the best education systems in the world
Kursk State Medical University

Qualification and Eligibility to study MBBS in Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia:-

As for the age qualification eligibility, the student aspired to study MBBS in Russia must have completed 17 years of age before 31st December of the year of admission in the Kursk state medical university in Russia. With regard to the education criteria, the student must have an Indian school certificate of 12th science with minimum 50% marks in physics, chemistry and biology aligned with must have passing marks in English language.

Note: The SC/ST student is eligible with a 45% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology

Duration of the MBBS course in Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia :-

Students who opt for English as a medium of instruction would have 6 years of duration to complete MBBS in Russia, whilst students who are likely to study MBBS in Russian medium need to join 8 month preparatory course in Russian language prior to MBBS course results in total duration of 8 months + 6 years.

Degree Awarded after completing MBBS in Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russiaia :-

As Russia follows US education pattern, the Kursk state medical university offers an M.D degree which is equivalent to the degree awarded by US, Canada and Europe universities, and in concern to India, the degree awarded by the Russian medical university is equivalent to the MBBS degree of India. On the successful completion of the MBBS in Russia, the individual is eligible to practice in any country or state by clearing the screening test of the respective one, no matter India, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Canada.

Recognition of MBBS degree awarded by Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia:-

We as a foreign education consultant have an association with the university accredited by WHO as the Medical Council of India recognize only the courses offered by those Russian medical institutions which are under the accreditation of WHO (World Health Organization) in the world directory of medical schools. In addition to World Health Organization, our partnered university is accredited by:

  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • General Medical Council UK (GMC)
  • American Medical Association USA (AMA)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Note: All the above mentioned documents have to be notarized and attested.

kursk state medical university indian students
List of Required Documents for Admission in the Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia Russia

All the below mentioned documents are compulsory for applying in Russian medical university/college.

  • 8 passport size color photos (must be on a white background)
  • 10th & 12th standard mark sheet from the respective Board
  • 10th & 12th standard certificate from the respective Board
  • Scanned copies of your valid passport (first & last page)

Facilities of the Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia:-

Study can be more pleasant if combined with the comfort, safety and enjoyment and that come only if students feel like home at university accommodation. We as a foreign education consultant searched and associated with the Kursk state medical university as it serves everything that student need to feel like home that is also at the pocket friendly rates. Moreover, the extensive assortments in the rooms give the opportunity to every student, regardless of the economical constraints. From a small sized room to large sized master rooms, from personal accommodation to dormitory accommodation, wherein 2 to 3 students share one room. Central heating, continuous hot & cold water supply, electricity, bed, study & storage furniture are the common facilities in all rooms, whereas TV, refrigerator and air conditioner are available on the extra pay. Wi-Fi is available for 24/7, can be availed by paying a minimal charge at the hostel.

In order to solve the recreational purpose of the students, the university has in house playgrounds to play football, volleyball, basketball, cricket, lawn tennis, etc. Other than large sized study rooms, library with huge source are available and open throughout the day to study as well as parks, museums, cafeteria are available in close proximity for refreshment.

Classroom Environment in Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia:–

The faculty of the Kursk medical university believes simply organized classroom is not adequate to bring out excellence in students, besides mutual respect for each other is uniformly primary, thus pay close attention to the learning environment, psychology and instructional atmosphere that help make study inviting. The medical education in the university encloses practical sessions, theory, lectures, and personal research projects besides group projects, whereas to achieve outlined objective, the Kursk medical university has designed small sized room that help gives closer attention on student along with design the course that promotes inner confidence of the individual as well as abilities to shine in the allied domain and thrive swiftly.

Tuition Fees of Kursk state medical university, Kursk, Russia :-

Students willing to enroll in the university need to pay tuition fees directly to the university prior to start of the semester. However, students are permitted to pay tuition fees in installments too if required. MBBS Fee of Kursk State Medical University, Russia.

Tuition Fee1st Year2nd-6th YearTotal Fee
Per Year6550 USD
(425750 INR approx)
6200 $ x 5= 31000 USD
(403000 x 5 = 2015000 INR approx)
37550 USD
(2440750 INR approx)

Note :

  • Tuition Fees should be paid directly to the university.
  • Final amount may vary somewhat on the basis of currency exchange rate on the  date of payment

Future Prospect After Study MBBS In Russia

Sky Is A Limit For Russian MBBS Doctors
After the completion of MBBS is Russia, students are permitted to practice medicine India on successfully completing the medical screening test conducted by MCI (medical council of India).
 A likely to the India, USA offers a great opportunity to practice medicine on successfully completing the USMLE Licensing Exam conducted by the USMLE, is equally applicable for doctors completing MBBS from India.
With regard to practicing medicine in Australia, A MBBS scholar need to obligatory registered with the medical council of Australia, is same for doctors completing MBBS from India.
New Zealand:  
In order to practice medicine in New Zealand, students are urged to register with the medical council of New Zealand, is equally applicable for doctors completing MBBS from India.

Student willing to practice medicine has to clear the examination of PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board), which is compulsory for Russian MBBS doctors as well as Indian Medical doctors. MRCP/FRCS is the alternate exams to PLAB which are equally valid to practice Medicine in UK.

Additional Alternatives:   

It would not be wrong to say that a world of opportunities are waiting for you, as we said earlier, our partnered universities are accredited by WHO (World Health Organization) and thereby students who have completed MBBS from our associated universities are eligible to practice medicine anywhere in the world. The student just needs to fulfill the registration requirement of Medical Council of Respective country, where he/she wants to work.

Admission Intake To Study MBBS In Kursk State University, Russia
There is only one intake every year and have limited seats. Apply soon to get admission in the best college of your liking.
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