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The Perfect Destination to study MBBS :-

Russia is expansively reputed span the world for providing standardized medical education to the students coming from the foreign countries that severs immeasurable career prospects. It’s been almost 20+ years since, when the strength of students coming from other countries to study MBBS in Russia is increasing by leaps and bounds, wherein the highest are Indians and Asians. What are the perks of what students from all over the world are flocking in Russia to study MBBS?

Large number of leading medical universities in Russia :-

It is not like you have just two options to study MBBS in Russia, interestingly Russia holds 50 Russian medical colleges with more than 17,000+ proficient doctors conveying world class medical education. Among several are listed in the WHO top 100 medical colleges of the world that shows the excellence of the medical education unspokenly. The stern approach towards examination lined up with close watch on the progress of the individual to ensure elite quality of pass out enable the universities to deliver dexterous doctors to the world.

English Medium of Instruction to study MBBS in Russia :-

By considering the rush from the foreign countries to study MBBS, several medical universities initiated to impart entire MBBS course in the English language, which help them to break the barrier of thousands of students who were hesitating just because of the language barrier. However, Russian language is included as a subject to teach Russian so as they can thoroughly understand the patients during the medical training as well as can smoothly deal with citizens and Russian students.

No Entrance, No Donation to study MBBS in Russia :-

Russian medical universities do not conduct any examination for the assessment of students, unlikely to India, where entrance is compulsory and based on cut off student getting admission. In addition to getting admission in Russian medical universities without any entrance examination, no donation regulation of the Russian medical university has proved that universities serve every level of student in terms of education, financial status, religion and nationality, thus have become the first preference to study MBBS in Russia. That means you can get a world class medical education in Russian medical university regardless of fret of entrance examination and donation.

Low cost of Living & study MBBS in Russia :-

Unspokenly, the figures tell all about the low cost of MBBS in Russia, unlikely to India. In India the cost of study India is between 6 lakh to 9 lakh excluding immense donation that need to pay to get enrolled in the MBBS course. On the other side, due to the enormous financial support from the federal government, Russia offers the same course, interestingly between 1.5 lakh to 2 lakh per year! Likely, you can survive in Russia with the same quality lifestyle in merely 80 USD to 100 USD per month (approximately 5000 – 65000 Indian RS), which is manifestly low by any standards. In comparison of MBBS in India and MBBS in Russia, Russia provides world class quality education at far cheap rate, which would be big opportunity for students from humble background.

The Russian medical degree is globally recognized :-

The medical degree awarded by the Russian medical university has gained global recognition as well as have topped UNESCO and WHO ratings. Further the Russian medical universities are listed in the MCI (Medical Counsel of India), USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) and FAIMER (Foundation for Advancement of International Education) too. It means students how have completed the MBBS in Russia are revered across the world and are eligible to undertake a PG degree in the favorable country or by clearing the screening test of the respective one and practice as a doctor.

Perfect Research Environment to study MBBS in Russia :-

The Russian medical universities encourage innovation and cross disciplinary collaboration with a top notch research institution. Russian medical universities consider research as the heart of knowledge, thus collaborated with the institutions integrated with the cutting edge laboratories and facilities that aid research activities. Today the universities at the forefront of research recognized span the world for their research breakthroughs, their researches as well as extended across the world through collaboration with world’ s leading research institution.

Highest community of Indian and Asian students in Russia :-

Surprisingly, the number of students studying MBBS in Russia is increasing with leaps and bounds. If we consider the current moment, data says there are about 5000 Indian students are enrolled in the several universities of Russia among them 99% are pursuing medical studies in about 20 medical universities spread over the country. Apparently, signifies the high grade level of education, congenial environment and colossal opportunities are the reasons for the increased number of Indian students to study MBBS in Russia.

European Lifestyle in Russia :-

Students going to study MBBS in Russia will find Russia as a country of rich history and deep cultural roots on which they proud. You will find everything that needs to solve your purpose of recreation, including theaters, cafeterias, gardens, sport grounds, and much more a likely. The people of Russia are non individualistic and are sincere, cordial, understanding and unselfish to all their acquaintances. Indeed, you can enjoy conversation with the Russians as they are interesting personalities and enjoy deep subjects. Further, you can experience the superlative of Russia in terms of food, culture, and landscapes.

Education in Russia :-

The high quality of education of Russia is apparent from its highest literacy rate of 99.5% in the world and also reckoned in the world for providing an international level of education with the intention to produce world leaders in every discipline of education aligned with produce intellectual, emotional, moral and physical development of the individual. Further, the education is concentrated on developing competency that permits a student to adapt to life in society as well as helping individuals to make a conscious selection subjective to further education.

If we talk about the subject matter of MBBS in Russia, then it is a well designed and established medical course that delivers elite professional qualification along with career projections for you. All the Russian medical colleges in Russia combine theoretical and practical learning in a way that students are taught in the best possible and effectual way. By deeming the popularity in the foreign students to study MBBS in Russia, Russian medical universities start the equal standard MBBS course in English language. The professors who teach medicine in the English language are coming from the leading countries and are highly trained to cope up with international students. Additionally, all the colleges/universities are equipped with modern instruments that also make the quality of education in Russia very high. Interestingly, students can avail such a high standard MBBS course two to three times cheaper than the other European countries.

Best Place to Study in the World

Russia is seeded on the as a 9th largest destination of the world for studying abroad with the strength of 10,000+ foreign students.

Ministry of Education in Russia

The reason for the cheap education is all the colleges and universities are regulated by the ministry of education (chief regulatory authority for education in Russia) and science.

Best Chance to Enjoy Russian Cultures

As discussed earlier, students coming to study MBBS in Russia are advantaged to enjoy the Russian hospitality, culture, traditions along with studying MBBS.

The Best State Medical University in Russia

Good Accommodation facilities to study MBBS in Russia :-

Students going to study MBBS in Russia have several accommodation alternatives in every medical university; the whole choice is yours, whether to prefer university dormitory, a rental apartment or a host family.

When it comes to hostel accommodation, the fee is set by the university only and ensures finest hostel system with fully furnished rooms and quiet study context surrounded with several recreation centers, wherein rooms are available in miscellaneous size and number of conveniences, thereby individual can select the room considering budget and necessity. Further, Dormitory rooms at university hostels are available for the budget conscious students that can accommodate 2 or 3 students in each room. Each hostel room is integrated with kitchen facility for students to prepare food to their own taste; however, students who do not want to cook can get the food from canteens, provide all types of Indian dishes covering Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, etc. Heaters are common in all rooms aligned with 24/7 access to security services, emergency services and health services. If you take a decision upon university room, you need to sign a contract for the first year, latter every student can prolong the contract.

Off campus housing gives a higher extent of liberty, a contrast to hostel accommodation but equally raise the level of responsibility and cost of living. But, students who are likely to experience the Russians and lifestyle, it is the best choice for students going to study MBBS in Russia. We as a foreign education consultant partner with the registered agents who can provide you the apartments or house at the best possible rates. All the available apartments and houses are fully furnished and differ in size, cost and number of conveniences. Indeed, we make available from the modern multi unit houses to historic house so as one can select according to taste thus can relish the culture of the Russia.

Quality Hospitals for Internships after MBBS in Russia :-

Russian medical colleges/universities are renowned for the great emphasis on practical education and to impart the utmost level of practical knowledge during studying and internships are affiliated with hospitals prominent for its highest quality and employing sophisticated medical equipment and innovative medical practices. Moreover, all the hospitals are expanded largely with the huge patient capacity, thereby students get a better opportunity to treat a number of patients during the internships and learn. In a word, Russian medical universities are a first-rate opportunity to increase hands-on experience, improve your resume, improve cultural understanding, and put up global network.

Geography of Russia:-

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area, covers one-tenth of all the land on Earth and spans eleven time zones across two continents, those are Europe and Asia along with having coasts on Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. The landscape of the Russia varies from desert to frozen coastline, lofty mountains to big marshes. The large area of the country is made of rolling and steppes, whereas three quarters of the area is covered by the pine forest also popular as taigas. Surprisingly, the country possesses 100,000 rivers covering some of the globally known aligned with several lakes covering Lagoda and Onega larges one, whereas Baikal in Siberia is seeded on the first for containing highest water than any other lake on Earth.

Government and Economy of Russia :-

Russia is a federation of 86 republics, provinces, territories, and districts, regulated by the government in Moscow. The leader of the state is called president elected by the people, reveals democratic system, whereas the economy is absolutely rely upon the supply of natural resources, including oil, coal, iron ore, gold, and aluminum.

People & Culture of Russia:-

There are about 120 ethnic groups in Russia who speaks more than a hundred languages; the larger population speaks Russian, whereas second largest speaking language is Tetrian. Russian culture is drenched with rich history, strong traditions and powerful arts, Russians are known for primarily know for music, ballet, paintings, art and cinema span the world. Students going to study MBBS in Russia have an excellent opportunity to learn many aspects of the Russian cultural heritage and make learning pleasant. Russia is also known for its thinkers, artists, writers and composers across the world for their tremendous talent. Other than, Russian dolls is one of the nation’s symbols named Matryoshkas is must buy memory for tourist while visiting Russia, which are hand painted and made of wood.

Climate of Russia :-

The most significant aspect that matters is where you stand in the Russia, however the large area of Russia experience moderate climate, which is a comfortable zone to live in. For students studying MBBS in Russia are no need to fret as unlikely to several western countries, central heating is provided in all houses, public building during winter season in Russia. These heaters also work in public transport, dormitory room, classroom, bus, café and any of public places to protect locals from severe cold. In brief, students will experience largely two distinct seasons those are summer and winter, wherein winter is quite longer than summer. Spring and autumn are very short of change in between.

Transportation in Russia:-

Russian railway is the world’s single longest railway extended to 9200 km that departs in Moscow, Europe and crosses into Asia; itself shows the well developed transportation system of Russia. The same development you will experience for roads extended to 7700 km. The more evidence of the well developed transportation is Metro, which is one of the popular medium of transportation that serves approximately 7 million passengers per day! Taxis are less preferred medium of transportation as it’s comparatively costlier and need to be called in advanced. On the other hand, all trains and buses are cheaper and on the dot too.

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