Chuvash State University

The Chuvash State University was established in 1967, and the main university of Chuvashia in the Russian Federation by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. Today the Chuvash State university possesses 1100 lecturers, 140 doctors, 569 candidates of science and assistant professors, all are coming from globally recognized countries to teach the MBBS course in the English language. Today the Chuvash state university is considered among one of the best medical institutes in Russia for its matchless contribution in social, economic and cultural development of the republic. The fame of the university is manifestly identified by the rush of students from 37 different countries to study MBBS in Chuvash state university to study MBBS.

chuvash state university Russia
Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University

When you are searching for a top university that can counter your higher education requirements Crimea federal university is the top leading organization to provide quality education to its students in Russia. We have the best infrastructure and educational facilities for your academic requirements. Incorporated in the year 1921, it served as the foundation for three institutional foundations mainly: pedagogical, medical and agricultural institutes. Crimea federal university enables it students to achieve, acquire and develop great level of knowledge in the fields of science, art, humanities, and medicine. 

Far Eastern Federal University

Established in the year 1899, Far Eastern Federal University is the leading organization to provide quality education to its pioneers for 122+ years. It is the leading organization to provide quality education to thousands of students worldwide. We are specialized in oriental studies and training for administrative, commercial, and industrial corporations in the Far East. We are among the top universities in Russia offering 100% assurance quality education to aspirants all through the world. 

Far Eastern Federal University Fees
Kazan State Medical University in russia

Kazan State Medical University

In 1996 Kazan state medical university instigated to deliver an equal level of medical education in the English medium by owing the popularity in the foreign countries to study MBBS in Russia. Kazan State Medical University is a multifunctional and multi-leveled state institution of higher learning in medicine, Today, among the total medical students in the Kazan state medical university, 700+ are coming from 57 countries itself signifies the fame of the university in other countries. The reputation and achievement of the Kazan State Medical University are manifest from its 33rd ranking among all medical & non-medical universities and ranked 16th among medical schools of the Russian Federation. 

Kabardino – Balkarian State University

The Kabardino Balkarian State of University is among the top institutes for medical education in Russia. It has achieved a significant place as one of the best institutes in the North Caucasus. It is situated in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia since April 5, in the year of 1957. Various educational programs in Post Graduation (PG) and Under Graduation (UG) are conducted at Kabardino Balkarian State University. KBS University is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organization (WHO).  KBSU is one of the top institutes to achieve the degree MBBS in Russia. The faculty staff of the university is commendable and competent to provide absolute information and practice to the enthusiasts. Students are acquired with the practical and theoretical skills about the medicines and surgeries thoroughly. 

Kabardino Balkarian State University
Mordovia State University

Mordovia State University

The Mordovia State University is one of the largest higher education institutes for Medical studies in Russia. The MSU has appointed skilled professionals to educate the students with worthy knowledge and practice of the medicines. All the faculties are capable of training the students with theoretical and practical knowledge to outshine the students of Mordovia State University in the world. Necessary workshops and lectures are conducted on regular basis to provide comprehensive and practical knowledge to the students. The extracurricular activities are also offered  by the institute to keep the students enthusiastic.  Activities such as sports courts, cultural, arts, student council facilities are available for the students. MDU has a well-equipped campuses and dormitories for the convenience of the students.

Kazan Federal University

Kazan Federal University is a unique present-day University effectively taking part in nearby and worldwide participation, organizing with the academia and industry, boosting the locale’s HR improvement just as high-level exploration and advancement in various regions. 17 Centers of greatness and 80 world-class research and teaching laboratories facilities have been set up in recent years. One of the oldest universities in Russia, Kazan Federal University (KFU) offers various undergrad and postgraduate projects instructed in English.

Kazan State University
Kuban State Medical University

Kuban State Medical University

Incorporated in the year 1920, Kuban state medical university is highly offering aspirants a wide range of courses worldwide. The courses offered by Kuban state medical university are highly prioritized in the nation. We have 7 faculties, 66 departments, a clinic, and a dental clinic. Kuban state medical university has 900 classrooms and laboratories, 12 lecture halls that can accommodate about 1600 technology & multimedia equipment for our valuable aspirants. We are serving since 100+ years in the field of medical sciences. We are highly recognized for offering quality education to aspirants all round the globe.

Volgograd Medical University

Volgograd State Medical University is established in the year 1935 and is located in Volgograd in South Russia. The dedication and contribution of highly qualified teaching staff, advanced researchers, and experienced physicians lead the university towards excellence, thereby given the status of the academy in 1993 and the Volgograd Medical University is listed in the WHO list of world medical schools in the international medical directory. To date, the Volgograd medical university has trained thousands of students came from 113 states of the former Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. At present 5000 citizens of Russia, 900 international students from India, and others from 70 other countries pursuing MBBS in Volgograd medical university.

volgograd medical university
Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University

The Kursk state medical university established in 1935 and it is a Russia Government University of higher professional education and ministry on health and social medicine. Currently, the university serving 5000+ students among 1200 is international with an aim to become one of the prestigious higher medical institutions in Russia. The Kursk State Medical University is the first medical university that introduced medical education in English language, and is the only unit having faculty that offers entire medical programs in English. Study can be more pleasant if combined with the comfort, safety and enjoyment and that come only if students feel like home at university accommodation.

Ulyanovsk State University

The Ulyanovsk State University is one of the best institutes in Russia to study medicine. It is equipped with all the necessary laboratories, libraries, practical labs with all the suitable latest instruments to study and practice the theories. Highly qualified staff is hired to provide quality education to the students. In USU, there are numerous academic and non-academic programs such as a library, sports court, financial aids, exchange programs, and other programs to contribute to the growth and development of the students. The MBBS degree achieved from  Ulyanovsk State University is accepted globally. 

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