Admission To Medicine Course In Universities/Institutions/Academies Abroad, For Any Academic Year Starts From 1st September Onwards.

The very first concern to get enrolled in the Russian medical university to study MBBS is you need to apply for admission letter/invitation from the selected Russian medical college, and to begin with that you firstly get the essential attestation done on all the education certificated precisely, prepare with passport, (if not ask us, we provide consummate assistance in passport too), VISA process, education loan process, travelling arrangements, which would something like one to two months of the period. To fulfill all the formalities at the time, we follow below mentioned admission procedure:

Steps of Admission

Step 1 :-

Students interested in admission to study MBBS in Russia need to come at the Yash Overseas office and get them registered with us along with submit all the personal details for reference. On the completion of the registration, registration pack pertaining to universities/ colleges/ institution information, the application form to apply for MBBS in Russia, booklet on extracts of MCI guideline will be allotted to the students for a reference.

Step 2 :-

After the thorough study on the pros and cons of study MBBS in Russia, the students are expected to make an application through the application form provided, covering all the mentioned documents and photographs.

Step 3 :- 

On the receiving the application form, asked documentation and the admission fee, our team starts profiling to decide the eligibility of the student to study MBBS in Russian medical university/college. On the completion profiling phase, students are permitted for a free counseling session imparting more information on the career prospects open to the students for study MBBS in selected Russian university/college.

Step 4:- 

Former to the counseling phase, students are provided with the several application forms required to be filled and submit to the office only. Students can take assistance from our coordinators to fill the application forms.

  1. Authorization form associated with Yash Overseas to handle the original documents of the respective students for applying on their behalf and procuring the preliminary admission letter to study MBBS in the Russian medical university/college.
  2. Prescribed application form for the use of eligibility certificate by the MCI.
  3. Statement form of the Parents of the students, in permission of the initiation of admission procedure by us, on behalf of their ward for the MBBS course in the selected Russian medical university/college.

Estimated time for receipt of Admission Confirmation letter : 2 weeks

Step 5 :- 

Once the admission process is commenced, students need to apply for the passports, if do not possess. The issuance of the passport approximately takes at least one month. Make a note that a delay in issuance due to any issue, perhaps delay the departure of the student abroad, so ensure promptly and accurately do the needful. However, the confirmation letter from the Russian medical college/ university would facilitate student to accelerate the issue of the passport through “Tatkal” process.

Step 6 :-

Once the admission letter to study MBBS in Russia received from the respective university/college, the student is to send mentioned processing tuition fee at the office. Moreover, the student needs to submit original copies of all the mentioned documents to enable us to start the process of getting the essential attestations made to the documents, stamping of the VISA, AIR TICKET booking and other required arrangements necessary earlier. In order to proceed for the bank loan or passport application, original admission letter is handed over to the student. Further, the student is expected to complete its medical tests, if any, under the guidance of Yash Overseas. Estimated time: 2 weeks

Step 7 :-

Further, the Yash Overseas team initiates forming of student batches and arrangement to travel New Delhi, including taking up the essential documentation at Delhi, booking of the flight, matter to their complete fulfillment with the versification of.

  1. Proof of tuition fee arrangement for the first year of the medical course as per the explained fee structure.
  2. Student clears negative in obligatory HIV medical tests.
  3. The student does not breach upon the rights of Yash Overseas, in any manner that perhaps harm their wellbeing of the Russian Medical Universities/ colleges.

Estimated time: 2 weeks

Step 8 :- 

Pre departure briefing is conducted to ensure students have completed all the documentation, have kept the originals safely for verification at immigration clearance Russia prior to the date. The respective international office of Russian university/college will be informed about the exact date of students’ arrival and essential details of their flight to allow them to receive at airport and support. At last, on the completion of required formalities and enrollment as a student at the Russian medical university/college in Russia, an official order is received by the students allowing them to register with the migration service of the country.

What Are Eligibility Criteria For MBBS In Russia?

All the students who have passed out 12th science with BCP that Biology, Chemistry and Physics are eligible to study MBBS in Russia only if fulfill with the below mentioned aspects :

  • For open category student – 50% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology is required
  • For SC/ST student – 45% aggregate of physics, chemistry and biology
  • Must have passed out in English
  • Student should have 17 years completed before 31st Dec
  • Speak English, French, or Romanian or Bulgarian or follow one year preparatory course
  • To be in fine health mentally, physically and without daisies incompatible with medical career
  • To have adequate source of financing medical studies by student loans, parents or generous sponsors or other sources.
  • If your details are complying with the above mentioned criteria, then you are absolutely eligible to study MBBS in Europe.

What Are The Documents Required To Study MBBS In Russia?

All the below mentioned documents are compulsory for applying in Russian medical university/college.

  • 8 passport size color photos (must be on a white background)
  • 10th & 12th standard mark sheet from the respective Board
  • 10th & 12th standard certificate from the respective Board
  • Scanned copies of your valid passport (first & last page)

Note : All the above mentioned documents have to be notarized and attested.

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