Far eastern Federal University – MBBS Admission Fees in 2023

Established in the year 1899, the far eastern university is the leading organization to provide quality education to its pioneers for 122+ years. It is the leading organization to provide quality education to thousands of students worldwide. We are specialized in oriental studies and training for administrative, commercial, and industrial corporations in the Far East. We are among the top universities in Russia offering 100% assurance quality education to aspirants all through the world. The far eastern federal university is a unique intellectual community based on wide expertise we are a highly prioritized university offering MBBS programs to wide aspirants. We have a world-class campus and faculties that are highly involved in offering quality education and research opportunities to several aspirants across the globe.

Degreed offered by Far eastern federal university is highly preferred and recognized in all institutions surviving on the globe. The far eastern federal university is based on two models: the modern research university, participating in an international exchange of the most advanced research and expertise, and the entrepreneurial university. We offer quality education that builds the captivity and caliber to compete in any of the medical sciences. We bring authenticity to our aspirants. We have a broad range of courses and curriculum activities to bring elegance to the aspirants. We are serving as a global leader in the field of innovation and medical sciences. Far East federal university is the leading place for scientific communication between Russian and international experts and is an active participant in both the socio-economic and cultural development of aspirants enrolling in the Russian Far East.

We have 150+ programs offered in promising areas of technological development aspirants can choose between them for their elegant career. We have an 800,000 square meter campus as a space for creative thinking and meaningful communication of our valuable aspirants. We have leading agreements that ensure 100% placements for our valuable alumni. We offer a wide range of facilities at reasonable prices. Minimum qualification is required for enrolling in the Far East federal university. We have large space for aspirants all over the globe. Our 7000+ faculties are quickly ready to bring elegance to your caliber in MBBS in Russia courses. We will stop at nothing in upbringing your uniqueness in the medical sciences. So, be ready and get started for having prosperous experience in Far East federal university. Our degrees are highly acceptable around the globe and we are on top of the leading medical science universities spread across the globe.

Why Russia is the best source for having medical sciences worldwide?

  1. Highly qualified medical university offering thousands of courses and great faculties.
  2. Global recognition of degrees offered by Russian universities
  3. Highly preferred because less qualification required
  4. Better residing and infrastructural facilities at minimal costs
  5. Advance public facilities available
  6. Healthy urban lifestyle in Russia
  7. Minimal tuition costs for the courses offered
Far Eastern Federal University Fees

Benefits of studying medical sciences in Russia:

  • Low tuition fees
  • Quality education
  • Research and development
  • Years of experience
  • Affordable living
  • Hassle-free admission procedure
  • One-to one service
  • Global degree acceptance
  • Low eligibility criteria
Far Eastern Federal University Laboratory

Documents required for getting inn:

  • Passport size photographs in white background
  • 10th Mark-sheet
  • 12th Mark-sheet
  • NEET result
  • Financial Support Affidavit
Far Eastern Federal University


Students willing to enroll in the university need to pay tuition fees directly to the university prior to start of the semester. However, students are permitted to pay tuition fees in installments too if required.

DurationTuition Fees (USD)Hostel Fees (USD)Other Charges (USD)Total (USD)
1st Year5,3007002,0008,000
2nd to 6th Year5,300/yr700/yr30,000
Grand Total38,000

Note :

  • Final amount may vary somewhat on the basis of currency exchange rate on the date of payment.
  • Tuition Fees should be paid directly to the university.
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